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10 Essential Tips for Keeping Your Car Cool During Summer

Summer driving in Plano, TX often means facing the sweltering heat as you step into your car. The seats feel like they've been baking in an oven, and the steering wheel might as well be molten lava. But fear not! Here are some savvy strategies to ensure your car stays cooler than a cucumber in an Arctic picnic basket, along with some nifty products to help, brought to you by Optic-Kleer Plano, your trusted partner in windshield repair and replacement.

1.Harness the Power of Sunshades: We recommend investing in windshield sunshades and car window shades to block those relentless sunbeams and UV radiation. These accessories can slash interior temperatures by up to 30 degrees Fahrenheit or more, protecting your dashboard electronics from direct sunlight. With prices ranging from $10 to $50, they're a budget-friendly solution for beating the heat.

2. Shield Your Steering Wheel: Don't let your scorching steering wheel ruin your drive. A simple towel can make all the difference, protecting your hands from burns. Steering wheel covers, ranging from $10 to $100, offer varying materials and durability to suit your needs. You can also purchase a car umbrella. Try to avoid car sunshades since these can heat your windshield and damage it.

3. Seat Covers: For leather seats, we recommend specially designed covers to prevent them from turning into hot seats. These covers not only shield from the sun but also preserve your seats' quality. Prices range from $20 to $200 for a full set, or opt for a quick fix with towels for a cooler ride.

4. Window Tinting: Invest in window tinting to deflect heat and keep your car interior comfortable. Costs typically range from $100 to $500, but be sure to check local regulations first.

5. Embrace Solar Powered Fans: Harness renewable energy with solar powered fans to maintain airflow even when parked. These eco friendly gadgets, priced around $10 to $30, keep your car cool without draining your wallet.

6. Seek Shade: Parking under trees or in covered areas can significantly reduce heat buildup inside your car. Even a simple shade can make a big difference in keeping your car comfortable.

7. Cover Up: If shade is scarce, consider a breathable car cover to shield your vehicle from the sun's rays. Prices vary from $20 to $200 depending on size and material.

8. Mind the Pavement: Avoid parking on hot pavement to prevent tire damage and ensure safer driving conditions.

9. Wax Protection: Regular waxing not only keeps your car looking shiny but also protects it from UV damage. Invest in a waxing routine every three to four months to maintain your car's paint job.

10. Care for Your Wipers: Protect your windshield wipers from drying out and cracking in the heat by lifting them off the glass when parked. Regular cleaning and maintenance ensure they remain effective in all weather conditions. Caring for your windshield wiper will also help you prevent damage to your windshield.

Did you know the color of your car affects its heat absorption? Yep, with darker colors absorbing more heat than lighter ones. Just thought to add this little tidbit of information.

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