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5 Crucial Facts about Windshield Replacement Every Driver in Addison, TX Should Know

Drivers in Addison, TX who are aware of these five surprising facts about windshield replacement are more likely to entrust their vehicle's safety to reputable professionals like Optic-Kleer Plano.

The windshield is a crucial part of a car's structure, and it's key to the safety of the people inside, especially with airbags depending on it being stable. Each car's windshield is made to fit perfectly and is held in place with glue and elastic tapes. But if there's any contamination during a windshield replacement, it will disrupt the vital integrity of the seal.

  1. Keeping the Car Together

Car designers try to make cars lighter for better fuel efficiency. Every part, including the glass, is made to keep the inside of the car safe. In a rollover, the windshield takes on 60% of the car's weight, preventing it from collapsing and keeping a safe space inside. It also provides up to 45% of the strength in a head-on collision. If the windshield replacement isn't done right, it might pop out during a crash, putting everyone at risk.

2. Airbags

Airbags pop out as fast as they can find a way out. If the windshield isn't replaced well, it might break on impact, putting people at risk of getting hurt or worse. People may collide with the dashboard or other rigid surfaces, potentially experiencing impacts that could propel them into open spaces, such as colliding with stationary objects like trees. Only a certified auto glass company, like Optic-Kleer Plano, knows how to fix this correctly.

3. Made Just for Your Car

Each piece of glass is carefully made to fit certain car models, so you can't just swap it out. The windshield needs to be strong to keep everything inside safe. If you use something that's not made for your car, it won't work as well in a real accident. When you get a quote for a replacement, make sure they're using the right information for your vehicle.

4. Glue

Changing a windshield isn't just swapping out the glass. Good glue keeps the windshield in place, stopping things like wind noise and water leaks. This glue also makes sure the windshield stays on when things get tough, sometimes needing rubber bands for extra support.

5. Watching Out for Contaminants 

When you entrust Optic-Kleer Plano with your windshield replacement, rest assured that our meticulous process involves thorough compatibility checks between the glass and our adhesives and paint strippers. We take extra care to eliminate any potential contamination, as it can compromise the integrity of the connection between the glass and the frame—a critical safety concern. Our attention to detail extends to preventing issues like greasy fingerprints, dirty glass, or the use of incorrect parts, ensuring a seamless and secure installation for your peace of mind. Your safety is our top priority!

Remember, your windshield does more than just keep the weather out, so pick an auto glass company you can trust. Prioritize your safety – choose Optic-Kleer Plano for expert windshield replacement. Call us today at (972) 400-0714 or visit to schedule.

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