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Debunking Myths About Headlight Restoration

Headlight restoration has become a popular solution for improving visibility and aesthetics in aging or damaged headlights. However, amidst the buzz surrounding this automotive service, several myths and misconceptions have emerged. Let's separate fact from fiction and uncover the truths about headlight restoration.

🚫  Myth 1: Headlight Restoration Is Just A Temporary Fix

Truth: Contrary to popular belief, professional headlight restoration is not a temporary solution. While DIY kits may offer short lived results, professional services like the ones provided by Optic-Kleer Plano, utilize advanced techniques and durable coatings that can provide long lasting clarity. Expertly restored headlights can withstand the test of time, maintaining their improved appearance and functionality.

🚫  Myth 2: Toothpaste Can Effectively Restore Headlights

Truth: This DIY hack may seem cost effective, but using toothpaste to restore headlights is not a reliable solution. Toothpaste lacks the abrasive power needed to remove deeper oxidation and scratches. Our professional restoration involves sanding and polishing, followed by a UV-protective coating to ensure lasting results.

🚫  Myth 3: All Headlight Restoration Kits Are the Same

Truth: There's a wide range of headlight restoration kits available, and they vary in quality and effectiveness. While some kits may provide decent results for minor issues, Optic-Kleer Plano’s professional services offer a more comprehensive approach. Spencer, our go-to pro in Plano, assess the extent of damage, uses specialized tools, and applies high-quality coatings for optimal restoration.

At Optic Kleer Plano, we understand the importance of clear, functional headlights. Our mobile services go beyond expectations, providing you with results that stand the test of time. 

Don't let myths cloud your judgment – experience the Optic Kleer Plano advantage in headlight restoration today. 

Schedule your appointment now by calling  (972) 400-0714 or book an appointment online at

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