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Essential Tips from Optic-Kleer Plano for Safeguarding Your Windshield

Driving is a privilege that offers comfort to all of us. As we cover miles each day, we encounter diverse weather conditions such as intense sunshine, strong winds, heavy rain, and other unexpected situations. In addition to subjecting our vehicles to extreme weather, we also expose them to various road surfaces - from high speed freeways to instances where we overlook speed bumps, whether intentionally or inadvertently.

The windshield serves as our primary safety shield against external elements while on the road, providing protection from extreme weather and debris for both the driver and passengers. Since we cannot control the conditions in which we drive, safeguarding the windshield is essential.

To ensure a safe and secure drive, consider the following tips to protect your car's windshield:

  • Seek Shade: Park your car in shaded areas whenever possible to prevent the windshield from expanding and cracking due to direct sunlight exposure. Sunlight can weaken the windshield, especially if it already has a crack or chip, increasing the risk of shattering.

  • Maintain Distance: Keep a safe distance from large vehicles while driving to minimize the risk of rear end collisions and damage caused by debris they may kick up.

  • Choose Ammonia Free Cleaners: Use glass cleaners that are ammonia free to maintain a clear windshield without damaging its tint. Ammonia based cleaners can harm the windshield's surface over time.

  • Care for Windshield Wipers: During heavy rainfall, be mindful of excessive use of windshield wipers, as prolonged friction can scratch or even break the glass. Regularly clean your windshield to keep the wiper blades in good condition.

  • Handle with Care: Avoid sudden jolts and impacts to your vehicle, as these can lead to future windshield damage. Additionally, be gentle when closing car doors to prevent minor cracks from spreading.

Remember, if you notice any damage, whether big or small, reach out to Spencer right away so he can get that fixed and get you back on the road. This proactive approach will help maintain the integrity and safety of your windshield for all your future drives.

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