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Optic - Kleer Plano's Essential Tips for Protecting Your Vehicle in DFW

Exposing your vehicle to the relentless sun of DFW for extended periods presents more than just discomfort -  it poses a significant risk of damage over time. From paint deterioration to interior cracking, the detrimental effects of prolonged sunlight exposure are unmistakable.  But worry not - Optic - Kleer Plano is here to help!

Here are a few easy to follow tips from our car experts:

1.Frequent Washing and Drying: Regularly washing your vehicle removes debris and mineral deposits that, when combined with sunlight, can accelerate paint damage. Interior cleanliness is equally vital, as heat and debris can lead to upholstery deterioration.

2. Regular Waxing and Ceramic Coating: Applying wax or ceramic coating twice a year serves to protect the exterior paint, reducing scratches and shielding against UV damage.

3. Parking in the Shade: We know this one is a hard one here in DFW, but try to find shaded areas for parking to minimize sun exposure, protecting both interior and exterior surfaces.

4. Slightly Open Windows: Allowing for slight window ventilation facilitates airflow, mitigating internal temperature buildup and preserving upholstery and dashboard integrity.

5. Battery Testing: Periodic battery assessments are essential to ensure its capacity to withstand increased demands from air conditioning during hot weather, thereby preempting unexpected breakdowns.

6. Tire Pressure Monitoring: Consistently monitor tire pressure levels, particularly during summer months when heat-induced air expansion heightens the risk of blowouts.

7. Window Tint: Window tinting not only enhances privacy and comfort but also serves as a barrier against UV rays, consequently enhancing fuel efficiency.

8. Fluid Level Checks: Regularly monitor coolant, motor oil, and transmission fluid levels to forestall overheating and consequential engine damage.

9. Use a Car Cover: Using a car cover when the vehicle is not in use shields it from sun exposure, dust accumulation, debris, and bird droppings, thereby preserving its cleanliness and overall condition.

10. Repair Chips and Cracks: Address any chips or cracks on the vehicle's windows promptly. What may seem like a minor issue can escalate into a costly replacement if left unattended.

By following these measures, you can proactively extend your vehicle's lifespan and avert potentially expensive repairs resulting from sun induced damage.

If you find any autoglass damage just give us a call or schedule online

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